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    Unit1 University Student Life_图文

    3-4 课时教案
    课 次 授 课 方式 授课 主题 题目 教学 目的 要求 第 2 次课 讲授 [ √ [ ] ] 授课时间 第2 周 星期 3 ] 第 1-2 节 实践课 [ ] 其他 授课地点 学 时 2406 2

    课堂讨论 [ √

    教 学 进 程

    Unit1 University Student Life Section A: Text1 On Being a Student Reading comprehension Exercise: Section B&C 1. Teaching Aims: a. to lead Ss to set goals to be a successful college student; b. to help the freshmen to adapt to college life; c. to lead Ss to practice the reading skill: how to figure out the meaning of an unfamiliar word through clues provided by context; d. to enlarge Ss’ vocabulary related to college life. 2. Demand: Ss will have a dictation first to make sure that they have mastered the words; Ss are required to participate in class activities attentively; Ss can guess the meaning of unfamiliar words through clues provided by context. As for the reading comprehension exercises, Ss are strictly required to finish them within a limited period of time. Teaching Steps and Time Allotment: 1. Ss will have a dictation on the following words: (6’) academic accomplishment demonstrate dedicated diverse fad validity humility rationally established various panic consolidate assignment biological flexible strenuous master recreation estimate routine priority relaxation 2. Presentation on the topic of university student life. 3. Section A: Text1 On Being a Student 1). Ss are required to ponder a question: (5’) To be a successful college student what qualities do you need? 2). Introducing the evaluation standards for universities and colleges to enroll students in the U.S.: There is no uniform admission service in America. Each university or college has its own Admission Committee and has the final say in the recruitment. Some may focus on students’ academic performance, while others may be in favor of students who actively participate in extra curricular activities or have rich working experience. Although they have different emphases, they share the same basic principles in enrolling students: a. SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test 学术能力评估考试 ) b. GPA (grade-point average 在校平均成绩) c. AP (Advanced Placement 大学先修课程) d. Ranking at School (在校学习的名次) e. PS (Personal Statement 自我陈述) f. Extra Curricular Activities (课外活动情况的材料) 3).Practice the reading skill: Context Clues to Word Meaning through doing exercise on P6. What does the italicized word or phrase mean, and through what kind of clue do you infer the meaning?

    4).Ss are required to finish reading text1: On Being a Student within 8 minutes and finish the T /F exercise based on the comprehension of the text. 5). General Understanding of the text: (10’) a. What type of writing is it? (exposition) Exposition is an explanation to explain the objective character and nature of things and to clarify the occurrence and development of things. b. Part Division of the text: Part1: (paragraph1): Although the modern definition suggests that a student does nothing other than “attend” school, college and university professors still require the students to learn and study sth. Part2: (p2,3): The four As and the benefits of the four As. Part3: (p4): Other qualities of a good student. 6) Detailed understanding of the text: (40’) Part1: What is the key sentence? (the first sentence) Difficult sentence: This modern definition does not suggest that the person does anything other than “attend”. suggest: vt. state sth. indirectly; imply other than: (usually used in negative sentences) 1. except. Eg .I don’t know any French people other than you. 2. (formal) different or in a different way from; not. Eg. I have never known him to behave other than selfishly. Paraphrase: The modern definition of “student” implies that a student only goes to school regularly and is not forced to study or learn anything. Part2: a. What are the four As? Define each word or phrase with the clues provided by the context. b. What are the benefits of the four As? ---They will make the students stand out from the rest of the class. ---They will be very likely to help the students to earn As. ---They will lead to ability to apply one’s knowledge in new, creative and correct ways. Difficult sentence: The four As—attitude, academic skills, awareness, and accomplishment—certainly are a large part of it, and a student who has them will be very likely to earn As. A in the second As means the highest mark/grade that a student can get for a piece of work or course of study. (学业成绩)第一等,优,甲 e.g. He is a straight A’s.
    分数 91-100 81-90 71-80 61-70 51-60 等级 A B C D E 点数 4.0 3.0 2.0 1.0 0 表现 极佳 佳 平均 差 不及格

    Part 3: What are the other qualities of a good student? Define each word or phrase in your own words referring to the information given in the passage. Self-discipline: the ability to make yourself do sth, especially sth. difficult or unpleasant. Initiative: the ability to decide and act on your own without waiting for sb. to tell you

    what to do. Breadth of interests: a wide range (of interests, knowledge, etc.) Objectivity: not being influenced by personal feelings or opinions. Humility: the quality of not thinking that you are better than other people; the quality of being humble; knowing the limitations of one’s knowledge. 3. Reading comprehension Exercise: Section B&C (20’) Ss are required to finish section B within 10 minutes and Section C within 10 minutes. Section B answers: 1D 2C 3C 4B 5C 6B 7D 8D Section C answers: 1D 2A 3B 4D 5C 6B 7C 8A
    作业 及思 考题 1.To get familiar with the campus English vocabulary on P8. 2.The topic of Unit 2 is Culture Shock, group 2 is required to read some materials and search some information about culture shock and is to give a presentation in class. 3.To memorize useful words and phrases in unit2 on P16 and P20: acquaintance browse through depressed hostility temporary inevitable locate dwell on exaggerate slang adapt insecure distinct challenging range adjust aggressive cope with occur identity authentic distortion reverse

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