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    【初中英语】八年级下册英语单元复习练习试卷(5份) 人教版4

    八年级(下)Units 9 ~ 10 复习目标
    1. 谈论过去的经历 2. 谈论所有物和你身边的事物

    单项选择 1.—Hi, Lucy. Our school won the football match yesterday. —_______ A. Congratulations! B. What a pity! C. No problem. D. Never mind. 2. —Is _______ red bag under the table yours, Jean? —No, I only have _______ yellow bag. Maybe it’s Julia’s. A. a; the B. the; a C. a; a D. the; the 3. I made a call to my parents yesterday, but _______ of them answered it. A. either B. none C. neither D. nobody 4. —Can you find our city _______ a lot in recent years? —Yes. The road is wider and the buildings are taller. A. has changed B. changes C. changed D. will change 5. —I hear you have to get up early every morning. —Right. It’s one of the _______ of my family. A. plans B. jobs C. programs D. rules 6. —_______ will your father come back from Beijing? —In two days. A. How often B. How long C. How far D. How soon 7. —Why are you in such a hurry, John? —There _______ an NBA basketball game in ten minutes. A. will be B. was C. would be D. has been 8. —Could you please have a walk with me? —Sorry, I _______. I have something important to do now. A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. can’t D. may not 9. Your dream will come true _______ you put your heart and soul into it. A. if B. unless C. although D. until 10. Hurry up! Once the concert starts, nobody _______ to enter the concert hall. A. allows B. allowed C. is allowed D. is allowing 11. —What _______ the number of the students in your school? —About two thousand. A number of them _______ from the countryside A. is; ,are B. is; is C. are; is D. are; are 12. Granny often tells us _______ water in our daily life. A. save B. saving C. to save D. saves 13. —Do you know _______ the Capital Museum? —Next Friday. A. when will they visit B. when they will visit

    C. when did they visit D. when they visited 14. —Which is your new neighbour, Liu Hua? —The man _______ T-shirt is red. A. that B. who C. which D. whose 15. —Is your headache getting _______? —No, it’s worse. A. better B. bad C. less D. well 二、用所给词的适当形式填空 1. Thanks so much for _____(invite) us here. 2. You won't have any problem______ (find) Chinese food in western countries. 3. Singapore is not only a beautiful country but also a good place ____ (practice) your English. 4. Why not ______ (have) a good time in Disneyland for next vacation? 5. The boy didn't end up ______ (play) basketball with friends until it was dark. 6.The Eiffel Tower ,a cultural icon of France, was completed at the end of the _______(nineteen) century. 7.To tell the ________(true) .I don’t like the drinks in that cafe. 8.He is a trouble________(make) .Stay away from him. 9.She tried to forget all these unhappy________(memory) . 10.Before Christmas ,the supermarket is full of cheap _______(toy) .

    话题 1. 谈论过去的经历 2. 谈论我们身边的日常拥有和日常物品;谈论对家乡的感受 命题角度 在听力、单项选择、补全对话、完型填空、阅读理解等各项题目形式中加以综合考查,依 托话题,适当拓展其他背景知识考查。 中考链接 ?2015 年长沙阅读理解。 ?2015 年泰安完形填空讲述过去的经历。

    1.believe (v.)________(adj.)可信的__________(adj.) 难以置信的 2. peace (n.)_______(adj.)___________(adv.) 平静地 3. social (adj.)_________(n.) 社会 4. perform (v.)________(n.) 演出 5. German (n.)_______(adj.) _________(n.) 德国 6. own (adj.)_______(v.) _________(n.) 主人 7. collect (v.)________(n.) 收藏品_________(n.) 收藏者 8. encourage(v.)________(n.) 鼓励 9. truthful (adj.)_______(adv.) ______(n.) 10. safe (adj.)________(adv.)_________(n.) 安全 11.nature(n.)__________(adj.) 自然的


    be close to the equator 接近赤道 all year round 常年;终年 the best time to do sth. 干某事最好的时间 during the daytime 在白天 three quarters of the population 四分之三的人口 a couple of times 几次 make a perfect cup of tea 沏一杯完美的茶 have a good time 玩得开心 camp in the mountains 在山里野营 put up a tent 搭帐篷 in such a rapid way 一如此快速的方式 an unusual museum 一个不同寻常的博物馆 many different kinds of 许多不同种类的 encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人去干某事 tea art performances 茶艺表演 on the one hand 一方面 on the other hand 另一方面 thousands of 数以千计的 take a ride 兜风 an English-speaking country 一个讲英语的国家 have a yard sale 举行庭院拍卖会 check out 察看;观察 according to 依据;按照 no longer 不再 to be honest 说实在的 bring back 带回来 grow up 长大 go somewhere different 去某个不同的地方 a movie camera 电影摄影机 a relaxing and peaceful place 令人放松和安宁的地方 be happy to do sth. 很高兴去干某事

    一.用所给动词的适当形式或时态填空 1. Could you advise me a place ______ (take) the summer holidays? 2. How about ______(climb) mountains next Sunday? 3. When ____you _____(begin) to learn English? 4. Mr Wu always encouraged us _____(ask) questions in class. 5. Besides______(clean) the window, she also swept the floor. 6. Miss Yang _____already_____ (organize) several birthday parties. 7. It's going to rain. You need _____(take) an umbrella. 8. The best time______(come) to our village is in autumn. 9. The traffic _____(be) too busy in the street at the moment. 10. Why don't you_____(send) him a post card?

    11.How ______________(care) you are! You’ve knocked the cup off the table again! 12.Jason didn’t hear the ring, for he____________(water) the flowers in the back yard. 13.Does Gold Theatre have___________(comfort) seats of the five in your city? 14.Now Mom feels much better after taking the ____________(medical). 15.A little bird___________(fly) in through the open window and she set it f ree at once.

    一、阅读理解 (2015 长沙)

    Have you ever heard of e-waste(electric waste,电子垃圾), which can be produced every day? How do you deal with your computers, MP4 players and mobile phones when they’re broken or you want a new one? Most people just throw them away. With the development of electric industry, e-waste pollution has become a serious problem. According to the United Nations, in 2014, people around the world produced 41.8 million tons of e-waste and only recycled 6.5 million tons. The US was the biggest waster, producing 7.1 million tons. China came second, with 6 million tons. It’s important to pay attention to e-waste. It can either be valuable or harmful(有害 的) , depending on how we deal with it. E-waste is a valuable urban mine (城市矿藏) . The value of the metals, like gold and silver in the waste around the world, is amazing. And the metals can be reused. But if people throw them away, the toxic chemicals(有 毒化学物质) can get into the earth or air, effecting the environment and people’s health. Apple, for example, now recycle people’s used products in China when they are buying new ones. The company will test and repair the used ones and sell them at lower prices. To help reduce(减少)e-waste, we can also take computers and phones to see if companies offer recycling programs. ( )1. The following can become e-waste EXCEPT_____. A. computers B. mobile phones C. plastic bags ( )2. Which country produced most e-waste last year according to the United Nations? A. America. B. China. C. Japan. ( )3. What does the underline word “affecting” mean in this passage? A. 保护 B. 影响 C. 改善 ( )4. From Paragraph 4, we learn that_____. A. the recycle Apple products will be sold at higher prices. B. buying longer lasting electronic products is a good way to reduce e-waste. C. it’s better to keep the unwanted electronics in your bedroom. ( )5. The main purpose of this passage is to_____. A. prove that e-waste is useless. B. encourage people to buy more electronic products. C. advise people to deal with e-waste properly to reduce pollution. W w .X
    k b 1. c O m

    二、单项选择 1、______ honest man he is!

    A. What B. What an C. How D. How an 2、Oh, your shirt is the same_________. A. as me B. with her C. with mine D. as hers 3、---How long may I ____ your dictionary? ---For one week. But it mustn’t ______ to others. A. keep, be lent B. borrow, lend C. lend, be borrowed D. have, borrow 4、Learning Chinese really________ my mind to the Chinese world. A. called up B. turned up C. opened up D. made up 5---Would you please tell me the way to the Pacific Hotel? ---Go______ the post office, and you will find it on the left. A. pass B. past C. to pass D. passed 6、You look tired. You’d better______ a good rest. A. stop to have B. stop having C. to stop to have D. to stop having 7、---How many girls are there in your class? ---______ them_____ over twenty. A. A numb er of, are B. The number of, are C. A number of, is D. The number of, is 8、---Can you come on Monday or Tuesday, Scott? ---I’m afraid_____ possible. I’ll be on business on those two days. A. either B. neither C. every D. each 9、Father won’t allow me to play outside_______ I wash up the dishes. A. if not B. if C. unless D. because 10、---Would you mind not_____ noise? Alice is sleeping. –---Sorry, I didn’t know. I________ she was awake. A. make, think B. making, thought C. making, think D. make, thought 三. 完形填空 (2015 泰安)

    Until last year, the saddest thing of my life was that my wife Alice and I couldn’ t have any children. So we always 1 all the children in our street to our house for Christmas breakfast. Last year, Alice died. I was very 2 and decided not to invite the children for Christmas breakfast. But Kathy and Peter, my next door neighbors, asked me to 3 them for dinner on Christmas Eve. As soon as I arrived, Kathy asked me, “Do you have any milk at your house?” “Yes,” I replied. “ 4 you need some, I’ll go and get it right away.” “Oh, that’s all right. Come and sit down. Just give Peter your 5 and let him do it.” After a happy dinner with them, I went home. When I opened my door, I found my house had been decorated by Peter! It was just as 6 as each Christmas before. At that moment, I wished that I could still 7 the Christmas breakfast, but I had made no preparations. Early the next morning, a little boy with a bag of candies 8 my bell. Before I could ask him what was 9 , he was joining by two of his friends. Within fifteen

    minutes, my house was full of 10 , and I had all the food I needed. I had a happy breakfast with the children again. 1. A. took B. invited C. sent D. led 2. A. happy B. lazy C. sad D. poor 3. A. help B. join C. pay D. meet 4. A. Unless B. As C. Since D. If 5. A. money B. milk C. keys D. things 6. A. beautiful B. dirty C. colorless D. empty 7. A. buy B. enjoy C. sell D. serve 8. A. rang B. answered C. required D. painted 9. A. boiling B. ending C. singing D. happening 10. A. gifts B. children C. flowers D. candies

    八年级(下) Units 9~10 【题组训练一】 一、1-5 ABCAD 6.nineteenth 6-10 DACAC 11-15 ACBDA 4. have 5. playing 10.toys 7.truth 8.maker 9.memories 二、1.inviting 2. finding 3. to practice

    【题组训练二】 一、1. to take 2. climbing 3. did; begin 4. to ask 5. cleaning 6. has; organized 7. to take 8. to come 9. was 10. send 11.careless 12. was watering 13.the most comfortable 14.medicine 15.flew 【题组训练三】 一、1--5 CABBC 二、1-5BDACB 6-10 ADBCB 三.1-5BCBDC 6-10ADADB

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